Summary – Rapid Software Testing (James Bach, Michael Bolton) —- Section 1 —-

Rapid Testing

# Methodology : “Rapid testing is a mind-set and a skill-set of testing focused on how to do testing more quickly, less expensively, with excellent results”.

– Advocates of context-driven approach to testing.                                                         – Involves considerations of skill, personal integrity, improved focus on need for testing, improved appreciation for stakeholders, knowledge of tools and techniques.

Section 1 (Step 1 : Learn how to test)

  • The Premise of Rapid Testing :
    1. Software projects and products are relationships between people, who are creatures both emotional and rational thought.
    2. Each project occurs under conditions of uncertainty and time pressure.
    3. Despite our best hope and intentions, some degree of inexperience, carelessness, and incompetence is normal.
    4. A test is an activity; it is performance, not artefacts.
    5. Testing’s purpose is to discover the status of the product and any threats to its value, so that our clients can make informed decisions about it.
    6. We commit to performing credible, cost-effective testing, and we will inform our clients of anything that threatens that commitment.
    7. We will not knowingly or negligently mislead our clients and colleagues.
    8. Testers accept responsibility, for the quality of their work, although they cannot control the quality of the product.

> Quality is value to some person (who matters).

> A bug is anything about the product that threatens the value.

  • Checking is not testing. Checking: Operating a product to check specific facts about it.
  • Testing is:





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